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Worlds' First & Only Product That Uses The Power Of a Balanced Gut Microbiome for ADHD, ADD, OCD, Depression, Anxiety, AUTISM, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia & all Mind Issues.
A Game Changer.

Our Herbal Solution is Based on the Concept of a Balanced Gut microbiome.

According to this New Revelation & Concept :

Gut is Our Second Brain.

No Chemical Medicine Should Ever Cross the Blood-Brain Barrier.

Brain within Our Skull is the Least Understood Body Organ. Giving or Taking Chemical Medicines from Psychiatrists to supposedly influencing the Chemical Imbalance within the Brain - Is like Targeting Arrows into the Dark.

The Chemical Imbalance within the Brain would be Cumulatively Adversely Affected by these Chemical Drugs.

Chemical Drugs Disturb and Destroy Our Gut Microbiome & thus the Brain due to the Gut-Brain Axis as described in the Video plus the details below.

God or Mother Nature is Very Kind.

It Created a Second Brain in Our Gut.

You Fix the Gut and the Neurological Highway that Connects it to the Brain - Directly Influences the Brain for the Better.

This is the ONLY True Solution to Positively Influence the Brain.

Its Also Called the Gut-Brain Axis Solution to all Mind Issues including ADHD.

The Detailed Explaination of this Gut Brain Axis Solution is Depicted in the Video Above and can be Confirmed further by Tedx lectures on Youtube By Yale & Harvard Researchers that you find through Youtube Search using the Search Terms - 'Gut Brain Axis ' or Gut Microbiome and ADHD' . The ADHD IN THE SEARCH CAN BE REPLACED WITH ANY MIND ISSUE.

Also Research 'Gut Microbiome'.

This is a MUST if you Really Want to Find a True Solution to the Issues facing Your Loved Ones.

As Regards to Food Binging, Anger Issues & Other Obsessive Issues - We Do Not Choose What We Eat or Drink.

Our Gut Does - including Our Emotions.

The 100 Trillion Bacteria in Our Gut Choose Everything for us.

Not Only this....

Our Gut Microbiome Chooses the Intake Quantity of What it Chooses for us !!!

The Gut Microbiome is Considered Balanced if the Percentage of Good & Bad Bacteria is approx. 85 and 15 %, respectively .

When this Percentage Gets Skewed in favour of the Bad Bacteria - it Chooses the Wrong food & drink & its Intake Quantity for you.

It Does all this and more with the proven - Gut-Brain Axis.

Drinking Our Herbal Water helps Restore this Balance.

This Shall Reflect in the Results.

This is a 100 % Herbal formulation made out of Parts of Banyan Tree, Maajuphal & Sheetal Chini - A traditional family Secret.

Gut Microbiome is the future of Healthcare.

To know more about it - Search it and listen to the TedX lectures on Youtube.

Video Advise

Schizophrenia King - Video in Hindi. Says it All. A Must Study.

Schizophrenia King - Video in English. Says it All. A Must Study.

Schizophrenia Brief in Hindi. Details Same as ADHD Video in Hindi Below.

ADHD Details in Hindi. Same Apply to ADHD Adults. Also to Schizophrenia Cases.

ADHD Details in English. Same Apply to ADHD Adults. Also to Schizophrenia Cases.

Gut Microbiome Details in General.

Advise Write-up

Our Handmade Herbal Drops & Advise are the SAME for all Gut Brain Issues.

These are Fully explained in the Write-up & Vaidyaraj Anil's Video Above.

Still if You want to Meet Vaidyaraj Anil ( Khandani Vaidya ) personally, the Consultation Fee is Rs 1200.00

All Days by Appointment Only.

Please inform here on Whatsapp to Book Appointment.

Vaidyaraj Anil Offices 307, 308, 309 Third Floor, Building A-09 GD-ITL Towers ( On Inner Ring Road ), Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura , Delhi 110034.

Mobile - 9625030743,7827571079

Dear Parents ,

We make our own Purely Herbal Medicines, by hand.

Our Herbal Innovations are 'Category Killers' in Any Category of the 'Ailment' we Deal in. Its Our Pride.
We are Globally Number 1 in Any Category we deal in.

Its Sheer Passion & a family tradition.

You may Go to our youtube channel of - Vaidyaraj Anil - to know what all we offer.

ADHD, ADD, OCD, ASD, BiPolar, Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders , Sleep Issues are Not Very Serious Issues, to start with.

Many of these Issues Go Away with time as one ages, specially with children.


THESE ISSUES BECOME VERY VERY SERIOUS - If One Starts Chemical Based , Allopathic Psychiatric or Brain ' Influencing & Interjecting' Chemical Medicines.

Then these Issues Devastate Lives.

We Offer a Very Effective, Real Solution for all ages.

Study each word of what we say below and Research it out further, on the Net.
POOP Defines GUT.
Gut is BRAIN.

Helping Parents Understand ADHD, ADD & Autism/ ASD through the Gut & Help them Solve it - Naturally.

Chemical Stimulants & Hypertensive Drugs are Harmful.

Any Chemical Intake Disturbs the Digestion / Gut / Gut Microbiome within Anyone.

Gut is the Second Brain. Thus it Disturbs the Brain.

A Naturally Balanced Gut is the Key.
This can Achieve the Utmost.

Professionals may suggest a Mix of Chemicals & Narural, to Achieve the Short-term targets. But the Chemicals shall push away or neutralize the Natural Solution and Not let it achieve its fullest.

Vaidyaraj Anil's Herbal Drops Balance Gut without imposing a Live & a Singularly Excessive Bacteria as it happens with Probiotics.

Imposing An Excessive Singular Bacteria is Unnatural.

Our Drops are 100 percent Herbal / Plant Based with No Bacteria.

Our Strict, Must Follow
Pre-Condition :

Parent(s) MUST FIRST Take 7 GutBrainAxis ( GBA ) Drops in One Litre of Drinking water SPREAD through out the day - for as long as they want & once they feel satisfied THAT OUR DROPS ONLY HAVE GOOD EFFECTS -

Parents' Digestion Shall Improve - and NO SIDE EFFECTS - THEN GIVE THEM TO THEIR CHILD , in Suggested Dosages by age.

The GutBrainAxis ( GBA ) Drops are Made of Banyan Tree extract which is proven to Select & Eliminate Bad Bugs or Bacteria - Naturally.

It Balance the Gut Microbiome Naturally.

If its Practically Difficult for a Child to Drink One Litre of water in a day, let the Child finish it in 2 days or even three days. No Issue.

Monitor Bowel Movements & Poop type.

Target is Type 4 Poop ( its best for all ) on Bristol Charts ( Google it ).

As the Gut Microbiome gets better, the Poop / Digestion gets Better, and you shall see the Behaviour Getting Normal.

Good Fats like Clarified Butter ( Desi Ghee ) is advisably essential everyday. Little more than Normal.

Once You See the Positive Changes :

Use the 'Half life' ( Google it ) of the Chemical Drug You Been Giving Your Child, and with the help of the Doctor who Prescribed it - Slowly You May Try & Reduce the Dosage of One Chemical Medicine at a time.

Vaidyaraj Anil
Whatsapp 078275 71079

Dosage Sugesstions -

For ages 12 and above let maximum be 6 drops a day, spread through out the day.

For ages 4 to 6 years let maximum be 4 drops a day, spread through out the day.

For ages 7 to 11 years let maximum be 5 drops a day, spread through out the day.

For 4 to 6 years age start with 2 drops a day. Give it 2 weeks. Then decide if it needs to increase or not. If needed then increase by one drop at a time for 2 weeks and then observe and decide.

For 7 years age and above start with 3 drops a day. Give it 2 weeks. Then decide if it needs to increase or not. If needed then increase by one drop at a time for 2 weeks and then observe and decide.

The idea is to find minimum level that achieves the best.

Specially for Children without Chemical Psychiatric / Brain Drugs ..... once target relief is observed and its continued and remains stable for say a couple of months, try and experience reduction of frops by one drop everytime, per 2 weeks and find an even lower level.

Children on the above Chemical Psychiatric / Brain Medicines - after you achieve a certain target of Behavior Improvement with Certain Number of Our Herbal Drops , Consult your Psychiatrist and devise a plan with him to Slowly , Very Slowly, May be One Chemical Drug at a time, try Reducing the Chemical Drugs. Your Psychiatrist is most competent to help you reduce these Chemical Drugs.

Once These Chemical Drugs are Suffciently Reduced, then you can try Reducing our Drops by one drop at a time, in 2 to 4 weeks of time, to get an even lower count of our Drops in a day.


The Only Issue with this NON ORAL METHOD, is the Hyperactivity of the Child or Just him or her just being a Child.

Initially This NON ORAL NAVEL / BELLYBUTTON ADMINISTRATION OF OUR GBA DROPS May Not be Practically Possible. But Still it is Good to Know. You May Use it.

If you add 2 GBA Drops ONCE OR TWICE A DAY into the Belly Button of your Child, and make sure the Drops Remain in the Belly Button for 15 minutes. After this time you will just Clear the Drops out of the Navel and Spread/ Swipe them around it.

This Shall Have Same Effect as Giving the Herbal Drops Orally to the Child.

You May Yourself Try it , and you shall observe your Digestion & Stress Issues Improve Immensely.

This is the Power of a Balanced Gut Microbiome , rendered by Our Powerful, Unique and Effective Gut Brain Axis GBA Drops.


Whatsapp Us the Details of the Issue at India Cell
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We Shall Send You Complete Details. You Study it thoroughly & then Order.

Vaidyaraj Anil


As a POLICY We Keep Our Client Names - a Complete SECRET.

We May Give You Cell Numbers of Clients Who Are Willing to Share as References.

You May Whatsapp at India Cell 9625030743 for Treatment Details & References, if Needed.

* Results May Vary from Person to Person


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Vaidyaraj Anil ( By Appointment only ) Offices 307, 308, 309 Third Floor, Building A-09 GD-ITL Towers ( On Inner Ring Road ), Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura , Delhi 110034.


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